Global Armored Vehicles Market Report 2020

Global Armored Vehicles Market Report 2020

Defense IQ's 2020 Global Armored Vehicles Market Report 2020 is here!

Today’s global strategic environment has engendered a far more wide-ranging and diverse defense equipment market, characterized by increased spending in both tried-and-tested hardware solutions and advanced, adaptive software systems that enable nations to keep pace with the technological changes steered by the commercial sector.

Commercial technology advances have been a key driver in the vast armored vehicles and related equipment market, ushering in a new era of agile acquisition policies and exquisite systems reinforced by artificial intelligence, advanced sensors, and virtual and synthetic products. Alongside new investment in the research and development, however, spending continues to prioritize the armored vehicle community’s capability matrix: survivability, lethality, manoeuvrability, connectivity, autonomy, modularity. This is reflected in sustained global investment in lighter, cheaper and more accurate active protection systems and MBTs, despite increasing demand for light protected mobility

Download the full report for further information on 2020's biggest, GLOBAL armored vehicle updates such as:

  • The U.S. Army update on the Robotic Combat Vehicle experiments, bids for the M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle Replacement, the Mobile Protected Firepower Program, the JLTV Program and the replacement of the ABRAMS MBT fleet with an unmanned or optionally manned vehicle
  • Japan's plans to acquire a new wheeled armored vehicle to replace the ageing fleet of Komatsu Type 96 8x8 armored personnel carriers
  • A French Army update on deliveries of JAGUAR to replace wheeled combat vehicles in service, such as the ERC90 SAGAIE and the AMX 10RC and the modernization of the Army’s LECLERC MBT
  • Australia's update on the $5 billion Land 400 competition and the remaining two contenders, BAE Systems Australia and Rheinmetall, both leading consortiums of companies
  • German BAAINBw €900 million acquisition of 2,271 HX2 family vehicles from Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles through a framework agreement
  • Polish update on ‘Borsuk’ and ‘Pegasus’ programs
  • Lithuania's $435 million procurement of 88 GTK BOXER 8x8 modular AFVs
  • United Kingdom's procurement of 589 SCOUT Specialist Vehicles from General Dynamics Land Systems UK and 2,747 of US-made Oshkosh JLTV to fulfill part of its Multi-Role Vehicle Protected requirement
2019 Progress Update: The Latest NGCV Modernization & Acquisition Developments

2019 Progress Update: The Latest NGCV Modernization & Acquisition Developments

We created a 2019 progress update on the latest NGCV modernization and acquisition developments. As well as a breakdown of:

  • The latest news in artificial intelligence, active protection systems, and robotics
  • Modernization & procurement highlights from the DoD's FY19 budget
  • Recently awarded & active NGCV opportunities

The Impact Of Digitization On the Armored Fleet

The Impact Of Digitization On the Armored Fleet

Maneuver in the Digital World 

‘Digital Transformation’ is very much en vogue in the public and private sectors. It articulates the profound impact of digitization on organizational culture and procedure, and signifies a new era of data and information technology-centric thinking, design and practice. 

Download this whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Digitization in Defense
  • The impact of digitization processes and digital technologies on contemporary armored maneuver forces around the globe
  • Digitized by Design: Innovating the AFV
  • ‘Protected Manoeuvre’: The Australian Army’s Transition to a Digitized Armored Fleet
  • The Bundeswehr’s ‘Digitisation of Land-Based Operations’ Program
Unmanned Ground Vehicles & Maneuver  In The Future Urban Environment

Unmanned Ground Vehicles & Maneuver In The Future Urban Environment

Think Batmobiles in Gotham City 

Against a backdrop of mass global urban migration and the increasing fragility of metropolitan spaces due to environmental and geopolitical crises, the likelihood of future conflict taking place in cities is increasing. Recognizing this, armies are modernizing their capability portfolios to enable them to fight and win in urban environments, and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) are expected to play a critical role in future operations.

DOWNLOAD this report to gain insight into how UGVs are deployed today and learn more about:

  • Robotics in Urban Conflict and Megacities 
  • UGV T&E and Lessons Learnt from Syria
  • UGVs in the Israeli Defense Forces
Unmanned Ground Vehicles 2020 Market Report

Unmanned Ground Vehicles 2020 Market Report

The Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) market is projected to grow from $2.7 billion to $7 billion by 2025, at a rate of 14.81% during the forecast period. This increase is being driven by a range of army modernization programs, underpinned by rapid technological advancement and the need to increase force mass, reduce manpower burdens, and prepare for operations in more complex urban environments. In light of this, our partners at Defence IQ created this comprehensive report that outlines current key programs and requirements in the UGV space.

Key benefits of downloading the report:

  • Learn more about the top acquisition priorities and active program requirements for 11 countries including the United States, China and Germany
  • Gain insights into the top investment trends that will shape the year ahead and beyond
2019 Future Ground Combat Vehicles Post Show Report

2019 Future Ground Combat Vehicles Post Show Report

Want to learn more about what happened in 2019? Check out our Post Show Report that highlights: attendee statistics, what to expect in 2020, and more!