Past Presentation Packet

Past Presentation Packet

Download 8 presentations from the last Future Ground Combat Vehicles summit! Our presentation packet contains:

1. Acquisition, Logistics and Technology Update

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics & Technology)

2. Assessments in Rapid Modernizatio

  • Historical lessons and examples
  • Harnessing S&T efforts in the future

Colonel Christopher Barnwell, Chief, Field Experimentation Division Joint Modernization Command, U.S. Army 

3. Army’s Robotics Efforts in SMET, Leader Follower and Future of Autonomy with AI A.I R

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Bodenhamer, Product Manager Appliqué and Large Unmanned Ground Systems, PEO CS&CSS, US Army

4. Sociotechnical System Requirements for Tactical Employment of Ground Robotics and Emerging Technologies

  • Description and illustration of the key implications of ground robotics and other emerging technologies for evolution of unit-level sociotechnical systems.
  • Includes tasks/processes, workforce, organizational structure and operating environment

Matthew E. Boyer, CEO + Co-founder, Zylter

5. Developing and Employing Technology for Future Battlefield 

  • Historical lessons and examples 
  • Harnessing S&T efforts in the future

Colonel (R) Frederick Gellert, Professor of Resource Management, U.S. Army War College

6. Emerging Threats: From Requirements to Engineering Solutions

  • A review of the evolution of future battlefield threats
  • Prioritizing the most pressing capabilities gap
  • S&T focus to achieve 10x capabilities

Dwayne Hynes, Deputy Chief of Staff, Army G2

7. PM Force Projection: Review of the Robotics Portfolio 

  • Designing new systems that are “autonomy ready”
  • Identifying capability gaps
  • Upgrading current platforms for interoperability

Mark Mazzara, Robotics Interoperability Lead, Project Manager Force Projection, PEO CS & CSS, U.S. Army

8. Impact of Technology on the Current and Future Tactical Fight A.I

  • The future contested, near-peer fight presents both opportunities and risks for a technological force
  • Data analytics and human machine teaming is being used every night on the battlefield-- in unexpected ways
  • OODA Loop is too slow. We need to “Predict and Act”-- and this requires fundamental changes to Mission

Colonel Mike McGuire, Director, Combat Developments, U.S. Army SOCOM

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