Enabling Next-Generation Ground Combat Vehicle Dominance for US Battlefield Superiority

Welcome to IDGA's 8th successful iteration of our Future Ground Combat Vehicle Summit, a keynote industry event highlighting the ever-evolving needs of the Ground Combat Vehicle community. Highlighting one of the major Modernization Priorities of the US Army, the Next-Generation Combat Vehicle Program Initiative aims to usher in the next-generation family of ground combat vehicles to replace and advance the United States' current level of Ground Combat Warfare capabilities. 

Over the past decade, Land warfare doctrine, policy, and technological needs have rapidly evolved to meet the ongoing development of next-generation threats from near-peer and insurgent warfare threats. The proliferation of these threats, coupled with next-generation development of AI and robotics technologies provides the FGCV community a massive opportunity to energize efforts to further research, develop and field the next-generation of future ground combat vehicles for US battlefield superiority. These service-wide efforts will undoubtedly propel US ground combat vehicle superiority for generations to come, and at our summit, you will have the unique opportunity to collaborate with those leading the charge!

Join IDGA's Summit as our esteemed faculty and representatives will address emerging opportunities to leverage new-age technology and its application to Ground Combat Vehicles and Forces, how these technologies adjust current concept of operations, roadmaps to NGCV, and what this continued development means for Ground Forces 2035 and beyond.

2020 Featured Speakers Include:

Next-Gen Topics for Next-Gen Priorities! 

    • Army Futures Command Ground Combat Vehicle Lines of Effort
    • Using unmanned robots and vehicles to increase situational awareness and lighten the soldier's load 
    • Integrating Active Protection Systems into the NGCV platform to counter anti-tank missiles 
    • Understanding current and future plans for modernization of the Abrams, Bradley and Stryker platforms
    • Envisioning and Understanding the Future battlespace

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