December 03 - 05, 2019 | Detroit, MI.

David B. Dunn, Jr., P.E.

Division Head UDRI’s Power and Energy Division

Mr. Dunn is the Division Head of UDRI’s Power and Energy Division, which is comprised of over 100 engineers, scientists, and technicians conducting research and development on a wide variety of energy-related projects including alternative energy solutions, microgrids, aircraft power systems, intelligent power solutions, thermal generation systems, combustion, hypersonic combustion, biofuels, fuel solutions and energetic materials.  He has over 25 years of experience leading military research, development, testing and transition.  His first 21 years were as an active duty Air Force Officer, where he worked assignments in intelligence, flight test, the National Reconnaissance Office, Rapid Capability Office, and the Holloman High Speed Test Track.  Since his retirement from the US Air Force, Mr. Dunn has supported a wide range of projects transitioning technology for UDRI and its clients.  These projects have included transitioning new technology in support of advanced, energy efficient industrial processes; energy portfolio support; wargaming and simulations; and sustainment technologies.

Main Conference Day 2

Friday, December 1st, 2017

9:45 AM Groundbreaking Innovation for Solving GCVs’ Greatest S&T Challenges

·· Pioneering lightweight material and power and energy solutions to improve GCV mobility and protection
·· Innovating artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensors fusion, and advanced networks to multiply GCV effectiveness
·· Transitioning additive manufacturing and advanced repair technologies to the warfighter

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