April 29 - May 01, 2019

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Future Ground Combat Vehicles 2019 Event Guide

Take a look at the agenda to see what you can expect at Future Ground Combat Vehicles Spring 2019 to learn more about ho ...

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Post Show Report: Looking Back at Future Ground Combat Vehicles 2018

Want to learn more about what happened in 2018? Check out our Post Show Report that highlights: attendee statistics, top speaking sessions, what to expect in 2019, and more!

Future Ground Combat Vehicles 2019: Current Attendee List

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Exclusive Content

2019 Progress Update: The Latest NGCV Modernization & Acquisition Developments

We created a 2019 progress update on the latest NGCV modernization and acquisition developments. As well as a breakdown of:The latest news in artificial intelligence, active protection systems, and roboticsModernization & procurement highlights from the DoD's FY19 budget Recently awarded & active NGCV opportunities

A Collection of Past Presentations from 2018

In preparation for Future Ground Combat Vehicles 2019, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on: NG-NRMM CDT Virtual and Physical Demonstration Plan: Scott Bradley, Project Manager/Research Leader, Michigan Technological UniversityArmy National Security Strategy, Budgets, and the Future of Ground Combat Vehicles:...

The Army's NGCV Modernization & Acquisition Priorities for 2019

To successfully build the NGCV by 2035, several new and promising technologies are being applied in the combat vehicles space. Among these promising technologies, artificial intelligence, active protection systems (APS), and robotics are scheduled to be implemented in the near future. In addition to looking at the latest technologies, we...

Overcoming the "Heavy" Price of More Armor: Interim Solutions for Tank and Fighting Vehicle Vulnerabilities

After focusing on counterinsurgency and asymmetric warfare in the Middle East, Africa and Southwest Asia for nearly two decades, the U.S. military is changing the way it will fight in the next 30 years. The rise of China as a global competitor and Russia’s increasing belligerence in the regions around...


Exclusive Interview with Colonel Kevin Vanyo: S&T Efforts of the Next Generation Combat Vehicle - Robotic Combat Vehicle (NGCV-RCV)

We recently spoke with Colonel Vanyo, Military Deputy to the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command's Ground Vehicle Systems Center, to hear his thoughts on:A five year outlook on the role and evolution of robotics in the U.S. ArmyAccelerating prototyping efforts for NGCV-RCVKey objectives/priorities for the next 2-5 yearsAnd more!

Exclusive Interview with Major General (Ret) Charlton: Ground Combat Capability Gaps 2019 & Beyond

We spoke with Major General (R) Charlton, Former Commanding General of the US Army Test & Evaluation Command, to hear his thoughts on the latest developments taking place in the combat vehicles space. In this exclusive interview, MG (R) Charlton discusses:The combat and acquisition priorities that will take precedence in...

Autonomous Vehicles in Defense

In this interview, Dr. Robert Sadowski, Chief Roboticist, US Army Tank Automotive Research, Development & Engineering Center, shares insight on autonomous vehicles in defense, defense applications and more. Dr. Robert W. Sadowski is a member of the Scientific and Professional (ST) cadre of the Senior Executive Service and serves as...


Global Armored Vehicles Market Report 2019

The globally changing strategic context surrounding the armored vehicles and related equipment market has made it even more wide-ranging, seeing a significant increase in UGVs, artificial intelligence, virtual training and survivability equipment. This growing market is expected to reach US$31.26 Billion by 2021, driven by increasing armed conflicts, terrorism among...

Past Presentations

Next Generation – NATO Reference Mobility Model Cooperative Demonstration of Technology Virtual and Physical Demonstration Plan

Scott Bradley, Project Manager/Research Leader, Michigan Technological University, presents on: Data Environment and Data SourcingVehicle Behavior (Automotive, Soft Soil and the Mobility Traverse)NG-NRMM Virtual Technologies

Army National Security Strategy, Budgets, and the Future of Ground Combat Vehicles

Mark Cancian, Senior Adviser, International Security Program, Center for Strategic & International Studies, presents on the Army National Security Strategy, budgets, and the future of ground combat vehicles.

Short-term and Long-term Strategic Plan in Modernizing Stryker Vehicles

Colonel Glenn Dean, Project Manager, Stryker Brigade Combat Team, U.S. Army, presents on:Increasing protection through APS and MAPSReviewing potential integration of next generation weapons to increase the lethality of StrykerFuture acquisition goals for the Stryker Brigade

Using Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicles to Enhance Strategic Awareness

Paul Decker, Deputy to the Army Chief Roboticist, U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center, presents on using unmanned ground combat vehicles to enhance strategic awareness.

Achieving Assured Positioning, Navigation, and Timing

Colonel Nickolas Kioutas, Program Manager, Positioning, Navigation, and Timing, US Army, presents on:Product Update: Mounted Assured PNT System (MAPS)Integration with Fielded VehiclesConsiderations for Future Ground Combat Vehicles

A Strategic Approach to United States Army Modernization Priorities and the NGCV

Rhys McCormick, Deputy Director of Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group & Senior Fellow, CSIS, presents a strategic approach to U.S. Army modernization priorities and the NGCV.

A Review of the Composite Rubber Track (CRT) Technology for Armored Fighting Vehicles

Colonel (Ret) Doug Morrison, Business Development Director, Soucy Defense, presents on:Virtually maintenance freeIncreased fuel savingsStealthier than traditional tracks

Taking Advantage of Alternative Powertrain in GCVs to Achieve Capability Overmatch

Michael Walock, Physicist, Propulsion Division, Army Research Laboratory, presents on taking advantage of alternative powertrain in GCVs to achieve capability overmatch.

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