July 29 - 31, 2019 | Washington, D.C.

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The 5th Annual Government IT Modernization Event Guide

94% of 300 federal finance, IT, and procurement decision makers surveyed at the end of 2018 said they have felt a shift in momentum toward the future state of Federal IT. Join us in Washington D.C. on July 29th where you'll:Hear from department CIOs and IT Executives from U. ...

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Technology Business Management: The Key to Government IT Modernization

As part of a wider push to modernize federal IT, the U.S. government is strongly pushing adoption of Technology Business Management, a framework and methodology for gaining more detailed visibility into IT spending. Here's a look at TBM -- the basics, the challenges, and the benefits.

The FY 2019 Federal IT Budget At-A-Glance

In this infographic, we provide a rundown of which government agencies are expected to invest in new back-office transformation solutions in 2019 and how leading-edge organizations are already testing, deploying and reaping the benefits of next-generation tools such as RPA, blockchain and artificial intelligence.Preview:$45.775 Billion = Total Federal IT Spending$6.8...

INFOGRAPHIC: Government IT Modernization Budget FY 2020

The proposed 2020 budget for federal government IT weighs in at $88 billion. How does that compare to previous years? Where is the money is going? And how much will fund IT modernization? We break it all down for you in this detailed infographic.For a copy in your inbox, please...

How to Move from Legacy to Legendary CIO

Discover the playbook that guides you to strategically lead and influence IT and advocate its critical role in your organization’s success by taking cues from C-Suite leaders. For a copy in your inbox, please e-mail: Tiffany.Ramirez@iqpc.com

The Blueprint for IT Financial Management Success

Discover the key element to building a successful enterprise-level ITFM capability. For a copy in your inbox, please e-mail: Tiffany.Ramirez@iqpc.com

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2019 Attendee Snapshot

In this snapshot, view who we expect to be in attendance based on who has attended in previous years.For a copy in your inbox, please e-mail: Tiffany.Ramirez@iqpc.com

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