Past Presentations

Requirements for Biometrics and Technical Support to Homeland Security Investigations

SA Rodger L. Werner, Unit Chief, ISIM, ICE-HSI gives an overview of current Homeland Security Investigations, facial/iris/voice biometrics requirements, and multi-sensor data fusion.

The FBI Fingerprint Program

James Loudermilk, Senior Level Technologist, FBI CJIS Division, discusses a 92 year national service for identification, criminal history information, and an aide in determining suitability for licensing and positions of trust, Five waves of automation took response time from weeks and months to minutes and seconds, and an important element of crime investigation and Counter terrorism.

Biometrics as a Single Token to Create a Seamless Passenger Flow

Annet Steenbergen, Advisor for Happy Flow and Pre-clearance to the Government of Aruba, discusses:

  • One passenger centric seamless flow based on biometrics (facial recognition)
  • Secure integration of the border process
  • One reliable Identity check, improving security end-to-end
  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness for all stakeholders by using the real time data generated through the platform
  • Privacy by Design principle as a rule, as well as data compliance and data protection

EU-Lisa Update on Smart Borders Package Program

Dr. Ciaran Carolan, Research and Development Officer at eu-LISA, discusses:

  • Innovating with two new IT solutions
  • Entry/Exit from the European Union Schengen Area
  • Registered Traveller Programme
  • Entry/Exit System Case Study of lessons learned and how to effectively recording travelers time and place of entry to and exit of the EU
  • Registered Traveller Programme update on integrating technology that will enhance frequent travelers experience crossing the external Schengen borders

Universal Standards and Requirements for Biometric Technology and the Future of Identity

Jeremy Grant, Managing Director of Technology Business Strategy at Venable, discusses: 

  • Enabling information sharing through innovating with open architecture
  • Strategies for standards across the board
  • NIST perspective on requirements for integrating biometric technology to support customs and border agencies

Innovating Schengen Architecture to Meet the Priorities of Member States

Jiri Celikovsky, Head of Unit for Coordination of Schengen Cooperation and Border Patrol for the Ministry of Interior, Czech Republic, discusses: 

  • Developing open architecture that supports large data sharing and real time processing
  • Adopting enterprise information platforms that integrate biometric technology
  • Continuing modernization and upgrades to innovate operations

Standards and Requirements for Biometrics Collection

Josef Iroko, Head of Administration/Legal & Compliance for the National Identification Authority, Ghana, discusses: 

  • Strategies and methods for biometric captures and identity collection
  • Standards and compliance measures for verifying identity
  • Leveraging innovation and technological advancements to meet identity requirements

Heathrow Airport’s Journey in Integrating Automation & Passenger Travel Systems

Simon Wilcox, Senior Programme Manager, Passenger Automation Development for Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom, discusses:

  • Automation of the Passenger Journey
  • Overview of Heathrow’s strategy and experience