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September 17-19, 2018 | New York, New York

This summit will bring together an audience bring together 150+ individuals ranging from Directors of Security Agencies,
Directors of Operations, Directors of IT, Heads of Acquisition, Chiefs, Directors of Policy, Biometric Program Managers, Elected Officials, Ministries of Interior, Industry Executives and Academia from across the globe to discuss the challenges at the forefront of national and global security operations, policy and procurements. Key themes running throughout the summit will be on the latest identity advancements in:

* Counterterrorism and security watch listing
* Automated screening and multimodal systems for transportation and border management
* GDPR and how that is going to impact information sharing
* Program management policy and architectural challenges
* Cloud and enterprise platforms to enhance interoperability, efficiencies and data exchange
* Mobile biometrics in the field operations
* Machine learning and behavioral biometrics to support counterterrorism and screening facilitation efforts
* Information sharing between state, local and federal agencies and international coalitions