Past Presentations

Trend And Future Artillery Capability: Perspectives From Korea

  • New global threat assessments 
  • Korean Peninsula Military Status
  • Prioritization of Crew Protection
  • Need for Higher interoperability between Coalition forces
  • Consideration needs for Economical solution to the Military readiness

Richard Cho, Vice President, Hanwha Defense International

Jason Park, Business Development Manager, Hanwha Defense International

Future Operational Environment Through 2030

  • Key Judgements
  • Wide Spectrum of Threats, Challenges, & Contingencies
  • Strategic Trends in Warfare
  • Changing Character of War
  • Signature Reduction and Modification
  • Fire Support Systems Comparison

Presentation by Dwayne Hynes, Political Analyst and Acquisition-Intelligence Staff Officer, G-2 US Army

Everything You Need to Know About the $13 Billion Increase in the Army's Budget for FY19

Ahead of the summit, we took a look at the U.S. Army's FY19 budget request. The budget reflects a major funding boost compared to recent years and seeks to enhance readiness recovery and fill capability gaps. This infographic is a summary of the FY19 updates made to indirect fire weapons and the associated technologies maximizing the US Army’s fires capabilities.