The State of Cyber Security in Defense

As international tensions continue to rise, the importance of cyber security within private defense contractors will become all the more prominent. Digitized warfare has already become a major weapon on the geopolitical stage with world powers and rogue states alike routinely probing defenses and assessing the scope for espionage. 

With that in mind, Defence IQ aimed to find out what precautions defense companies are taking in cyber security. Is it something that companies are prioritizing, or do companies already feel equipped to deal with today’s threats? To find out, we sent out a survey to our 100,000-strong membership to take an accurate snapshot of the current climate. We dissect these results in the analysis that follows.

Download to explore:

  • The defense industry's top cyber threats
  • What's trending when it comes to cyber security standards and procedures
  • Promoting understanding amongst military and government leaders
  • Opportunities for private and public collaboration

DoD Cybersecurity Priorities, Challenges and Updates from the 2018 GAO Report

In October 2018, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a series of in-depth report outlining the federal governments’ top cybersecurity challenges and providing guidance on how to address them.

According to the report, the DoD is facing a number of widespread, systematic and mission critical cyber vulnerabilities that, in particular, threaten the security of weapons systems and critical utility infrastructure. The following is an overview of what the GAO report uncovered, their recommendations for closing these cybersecurity gaps and updates on what has changed since the release of the report.

This GAO Cybersecurity Report at-a-glance highlights:

  • Top cyber vulnerabilities of weapons systems and industrial control systems
  • How the DoD is working to more effectively recruit and retain cybersecurity talent
  • Top barriers to cybersecurity and GAO recommendations for overcoming them
  • The evolving policies and procedures leveraged by DoD agencies to ensure that contractor networks are secure