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Everything You Need To Know About The $583 Million Increase In Cybersecurity Funding For FY2019

We took a look at the top ten departments scheduled to receive the most additional funding for cybersecurity in FY2019. This infographic shares where these departments are looking to spend in 2019, as well as how much their cybersecurity budgets have increased over the last few years. The FY 2019 President’s Budget includes $15 billion of budget authority for cybersecurity-related activities, which is a $583.4 million (4.1 percent) increase above the FY 2018 Estimate. This amount does not represent the entire U.S. cybersecurity budget, as some funding is classified.

Cyber Security for Defense - Past Attendee List

Take a look at the past attendee list from the last Cyber Security Defense to see the likes of professionals you will get to meet at this years event.  

Defense in the Age of Cyber Warfare: FY2020 Budget Highlights

Future wars will be waged not just in the air, on the land, and at sea, but also in outer space and cyberspace, thus increasing the complexity of warfare. The DoD is investing more than $9.6 billion in cyber security programs, solutions and infrastructure in 2020 in an effort to preserve U.S. cyberspace superiority and stop cyber attacks before they hit our networks. This infogrpahic highlights where the money is going and how these investments will help prepare the Joint Forces to face the threats and challenges of the increasingly complex security environment of the cyber era.

Event Details: Cyber Security for Defense l June 26 - 28, 2019 l Washington D.C. 

Agenda for Cyber Security for Defense

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Sponsorship Information

Take a look at the speakers, expected attendees and sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities.

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DHS Cyber Spending

This FY17 budget accelerates the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation initiative to protect federal networks from cyber-attack. Resources are also allocated internally across all DHS Components that own information technology systems as part of a plan to fix known information technology system vulnerabilities. 

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2017 Cyber Security Attendee Lists

Download the 2017 Attendee Snapshot and take a look at who you can be networking with at The 2018 Cyber Security for Defense and The Cyber Security for Oil & Gas.

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Post Show Report: Looking Back at Cyber Security for Defense 2017

Want to learn more about what happened in 2017? Check out our Post Show Report that highlights: attendee statistics, top speaking sessions, what to expect in 2018 and more!

Cyber Security For Defense 2018 Prospectus

Download the 2018 Prospectus and take a look at sponsorship opportunities, past sponsors and the audience breakdown.

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