Past Presentations

Army Network Cyber Security - Enabling Success

Essye B. Miller Director, Cyber security, Army CIO/G-6 Presents on key initiatives for improvements to cyber security and network modernization such as, capacity upgrades, removing legacy infrastructure etc. Also how the army is aligned to the DoD Army Strategy.

Logical Leap - How modern cyber attacks threaten our physical safety

Industrial Control System (ICS) vulnerabilities enableour adversaries to launch attacks that leap the logical barriers of cyberspace. This presentation by Waylon Krush, Lunarline Co-founder and Hacker-in-Chief, discusses physical cyber safety.

State of Cyber Workforce Development

Presentation given by Marie Baker, Senior Engineer at Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University. Baker speaks about US cyber preparedness, training initiatives, training and awareness resources and the way ahead for training.

Developing New Paradigms for a 21st Century National Cyber Strategy

Cedric Leighton, Col, USAF (Ret.), Founder & President, Cedric Leighton Associates, discusses the evolving cyber threat, USCYBERCOM's evolving roles and missions, future strategies and challenges and opportunities in this past presentation. He also touches on integrating government and business efforts, the changing legal landscape and a look toward a true 21st century cyber strategy.

Advancing Cyber Defense, Joint/Coalition Interoperability, and C2 Capabilities

COL Dean A. Clothier, Chief of the Cyberspace Division for Joint Staff J-6 discusses:

  • Evaluating cyber defense requirements, plans, programs, and strategies
  • Conducting analysis and assessments on on cyber forces, mission capabilities, and strategies

Strategies for Protecting Critical Infrastructures From Cyberattack & Making Them More Resilient

  • Identifying weaknesses in the system to inform improvement decisions
  • Acquiring the tools to increase protection
  • Incorporating cybersecurity in the planning phase of new infrastructure projects

Fred Ruonavar, Chief Contingency Operations, DISA

A Review of the NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework for Federal Agencies

  • Overview of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • Maritime Transportation System (MTS) Subsector Examples
  • Determining the Path Forward for DoD CSF Profiles

Presentation by Julie Snyder, Lead Privacy & Security Engineer at MITRE

Post-Quantum Cryptography and Standardization

  • Quantum key distribution (QKD) promises to provide perfect encryption
  • Hacking attempts of QKD transmission cannot go unnoticed by the administrator
  • The technology is using mostly commercially available technology to protect data

Dr. Lily Chen, Mathematician, Manager of Cryptographic Technology Group, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Russia’s Approach to Cyber Warfare

  • The role of cyber in Russian and Iranian doctrine and strategy
  • How Moscow and Tehran use cyber to achieve their objectives
  • Cyber capabilities and trends

Dr. Michael Connell, Principal Research Scientist, Center for Naval Analyses