5th Annual Cyber Security For Defense

A more connected defense and intelligence world means that warfighters receive more information faster and more accurately than ever. However this increased connectivity also means that there are more opportunities for cyber attacks, data leaks and other IT security breeches. This is the issue at the crux of modern cybersecurity issues: Developments in technology also mean new tools and strategies to protect our critical networks. The goal of this conference is to develop a program that will help cyber defense professionals defend legacy and cloud networks, protect connected weapons systems, thwart bad actors in their tracks and ultimately support our colleagues on the ground. 

We are proud to bring you the 5th Annual Cybersecurity for Defense conference. At this years event we will cover these cutting edge threats and opportunities, from both a thematic and technical perspective. To do this we are curating a program that will include military cybersecurity leaders, technical experts, researchers, academics and industry members from both titans in the space and top disrupters. Come join us for three days of engaging topics, enlightening workshops and case studies, and peer to peer networking from across the DoD and greater Intelligence Community. Specifically this years conference will feature topics including:

Cloud security


C4I security 

Quantum computing

Protecting Connected Weapons Systems 

Policies and Standards


Presentation Topics Include:


Defending the United States from Cyber Attacks by Hostile States and Criminals


Sharing Information between the Military and Private Sector


Building Awareness of Cyber Vulnerabilities, Incidents, and Mitigations


Challenges, Successes, and Future Investments in Cyber Security


Defending the DoD Network from Cyber Intrusions


Implementing Robust Cyber Defense Capabilities


Maintaining a Reliable Pool of Talented Cyber Personnel


International Military Perspectives on Fighting Cybercrime


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