Advancing Detection, Tracking and Defeat Capabilities for the sUAS Threat 

The C-UAS team would like you to know that in light of the recent spikes of COVID-19, with CDC and WHO guidelines alongside DoD input, we have taken the decision to host the Summit digitally. We're pleased to announce it will be on Brella, our networking platform that has delegates setting upwards of 30-35 individual meetings per event! We're thrilled to share in this opportunity in the digital landscape as safely as possible.

The turbulence and rapid proliferation of the unmanned aerial system threat has hit hard and fast across multiple domains and areas of responsibility for the Armed Services. The response to UAS and sUAS threats has been massive across the Military ecosystem, and one will that continue to grow in importance as the threat evolves in complexity.

These threats posed by sUAS and UAS’ speak to challenges not only across the Military, but in the commercial space as well that creates a unique sense of urgency to keep up the developments in counter-UAS technologies and regulations. Welcoming partners tackling this challenge across all communities will be of crucial benefit to enabling an industry-wide approach to countering UAS threats.

In a massive response, the US Military and Pentagon has crafted a new team within the DoD to enable a more unified approach to counter-drone operations and strikes. As quoted by the Honorable Ellen Lord, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, “… What that did was really continue to make clear to the Department that counter-UAS is very important in terms of the technology,” re-emphasizing the Department’s rapid and determined approach to develop new methods to conduct counter UAS operations.

As such, IDGA’s Counter UAS Summer Summit will focus on the latest technological efforts to enable the continued development, experimentation and operationalization of counter-UAS capabilities across the Military and Commercial industries. Meeting the unique engineering and technological challenges to deliver next-generation operational functionality will be of unique importance to safeguarding the Homeland, US partners worldwide and critical national security assets.

We hope you will join IDGA’s Counter UAS Summit this August!

This year’s summit will cover topics including:

Military's Counter-UAS Acquisition Goals

C-UAS Domain Specific Priorities 

Countering Drone Swarms

Understanding Commercial Sector Challenges 

Autonomous UAS Defeat 

Military's Counter-UAS Requirements

Army as the Executive Agent for Counter-UAS

Mounted C-UAS weapon System Development 

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Directed Energy Weapons and C-UAS

Counter UAS Expert Speakers Include:

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Countering the Drone Threat

The increased affordability and availability of recreational drone aircraft has introduced a whole host of new, unprecedented security concerns for the DoD. Read more about the the DoD plans to invest an additional $1.5 billion over the course of 2019 into the development, testing and application of cutting-edge counter- UAS systems.