How to Use Brella

Brella hosts the key people in the community and allows you to view high-quality sessions, connect with the professionals most useful for you, book 1-to-1 virtual meetings, and much more.

Powerful event matchmaking with AI

  • Attendees choose their interests and their event goals, then the AI suggests the best people to meet.

Detailed profile - Custom pitch, profile photo, social media links and more.

Relevant interests & intents - Achieve your goals with detailed intents around specific interests.

No-sweat sign in - Social authentications make registration a breeze.

Book 1:1 meetings with top matches

  • Attendees select a time, send a meeting request, and receive a location automatically.

Meeting schedule - View your event schedule side-by-side with their meeting schedule.

Rescheduling - Reschedule meetings easily with a few clicks.

Chat & video conferencing - Chat opens once the meeting is accepted, plus you can network virtually.


  • Use Google Chrome for the best event experience!
  • Make sure that you watch all presentation/streams from your personal devices so as to not encounter the Government/Company firewalls.