Advancing CUAS Capability to Meet the Ever-Changing UAS and sUAS Threat

Adversarial UAS and sUAS represent an ever-evolving, low cost, high reward asset for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and lethal attacks on U.S. personnel, assets, infrastructure and interests. These small threats have abruptly upended traditional considerations for planning across the Joint Force as a result of increased proliferation and complexity, requiring frequent review of ongoing efforts and challenges across the UAS & sUAS ecosystem.

As UAS and sUAS technologies and methodologies continue to advance at a rapid pace, it presents unique challenges to the Department and Military’s ability to effectively respond at the point of need. This requires an examination as to how CUAS capabilities are being integrated across the entire Military, Industry, Academia and International spectrums.

As such, the DoD has met and continues to meet this evolving threat vector with swift innovation, synchronization with materiel and non-materiel solutions, to include leveraging relationships with allied nations and partners, as a means to address this threat to the Homeland, host nations, and contingency locations.

As technology and systems evolve, this strategy will require ongoing assessments to ensure the Department keeps pace, and for this reason we are pleased to host our partners at our upcoming Summer Counter UAS Summit. We look forward to collaboration, connecting, sharing and learning with you this August/September to continue conversations as to meeting and defeating UAS and sUAS threats.

We look forward to you joining us at the United States’ most preeminent CUAS Summit!

2021 Focus Areas to Include:

Multiple Operator Perspectives

Overview of CUAS Deployments 

State and Local Police Perspectives

Airport Protection Strategies

The Synchronization of UAS and Missile Defense

Training Integration Efforts & Strategies

Counter UAS Expert Speakers Include:

Attendee Snapshot

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