December 04 - 06, 2019 | San Antonio, TX

Shane M. Folden

Special Agent in Charge Department of Homeland Security

Mr. Folden is the Special Agent in Charge for Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in San Antonio, Texas.  In this position, Mr. Folden is responsible for one of the largest districts within HSI, managing over 540 employees and a geographic area spanning 58 counties, with over 500 miles of international border between Mexico and the United States and two federal judicial districts.  Additionally, the HSI San Antonio area of responsibility contains three Customs and Border Protection sectors and 25 ports of entry, responding to some of the busiest and most challenging criminal investigative work in the country.  Human trafficking, contraband smuggling, financial crimes, bulk cash smuggling, and weapons smuggling are but a few of the programmatic areas that characterize the work in this area of responsibility.

Prior to his position as the special agent in charge (SAC), Mr. Folden served in several key management positions.  In HSI headquarters in Washington, D.C., Mr. Folden served as the Director of HSI’s National Export Enforcement Coordination Network within HSI headquarters.  In this position, Mr. Folden was responsible for managing an inter-agency fusion center that served as an intermediary between HSI’s counter-proliferation investigations and the U.S. intelligence community.  Mr. Folden also oversaw a broad range of investigative activities related to the unlawful transfer of munitions and other controlled United States items and sensitive technology to foreign entities.


Mr. Folden also held numerous senior management positons in various HSI field offices, including the Deputy SAC position in Tampa, Florida, the acting SAC position in San Francisco, California, as well as the Deputy SAC position in San Francisco and acting Deputy SAC position in Los Angeles, where he managed various operational and criminal investigative areas, including drug smuggling, child exploitation, money laundering, human trafficking, organized gangs, and counter-proliferation investigations.


Mr. Folden earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Minnesota State University and has over 24 years in government service.

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