December 04 - 06, 2019 | San Antonio, TX

Christian A. Abbott

Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Plans, Strategy, Analysis, and Risk, DHS Office of Policy Department of Homeland Security

Mr. Abbott is the  Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Plans, Strategy, Plans, Analysis and Risk (SPAR)/Plans, DHS Office of Policy (PLCY).  SPAR/Plans leads the development of Department operational level plans with DHS Components and selected mission partners in order to support the Secretary’s execution of responsibilities across the homeland security enterprise.

Mr. Abbott’s key responsibilities include supervising four Planning Division’s, the Planning Element of the Department’s Crisis Action Team (CAT), Deputy Director, DHS Joint Task Force Coordination Cell, coordinating the development of selected Federal and Department plans, production of Secretary level decision support products to support contingency/crisis action response requirements, and providing tailored planning support/expertise for 28 DHS Operational/Support Components and three Department Joint Task Forces (JTFs).  Mr. Abbott has over 40 years cumulative military, government contractor and federal employee work experience.

 Mr. Abbott spent 26 years in the U.S. Army and seven years as a government contractor prior to joining DHS.  He held a succession of command and staff positions during his military career and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.  Mr. Abbott worked for seven years leading/supporting various Department of Justice, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and Department of Defense activities as a senior analyst with Booz Allen Hamilton. 

Education:  Mr. Abbott has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Management.  He is a graduate of the Senior Executive Service Introduction Course, the Federal Executive Institute’s (FEI) Leadership in a Democratic Society Course, the Marshall Center’s Seminar on Trans-Atlantic Civil Security (STACS), and was selected to represent DHS at the U.S. Army War College’s Senior Leader Seminar in January of 2014 and the Harvard Kennedy Schools Homeland Security Seminar in September of 2015.

Additional Notes: Mr. Abbott is also instructor certified for both platform and distance learning and has taught undergraduate and graduate level college courses for two colleges and one university.  He is also a volunteer tutor for Literacy Volunteers of America – Prince William County (LVA-PW).  He and his wife Debbie reside in Northern Virginia

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