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SAP Border Protection

With the increasing mobility of persons and goods, border authorities need to address the challenge of ensuring the right balance between open, but at the same time secured and controlled borders. SAP Border Protection offers tools and instruments that improve risk management capabilities, inspection, investigation and enforcement techniques that are fundamental to ensure compliance.

Achieving Global Maritime Security & Sea Control

In this presentation, Lawrence Hajek, President & CEO of Bellator Solution Group, discusses the expanding role of the US Coast Guard DSG to achieve a higher level of global maritime security and sea control.

Enhancing Border Security Through Innovation & Emerging Technology

In this presentation, Wolf Tombe, Chief Technology Officer for the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), discusses the scope of CBP, evolving threats, and achieving mission with innovation and emerging technology.

Infrastructure and Technology on the Southwest Border

In this presentation, learn about the technologies that are being effectively used by the southwest border.