Frank Sandeløv

CEO CardLab

Trained Army Officer and has held positions as Head of Training, Flight Platoon Commander, Electronic warfare Officer, a.o. More than 10 years experience as Airline Captain and has held other management positions and has for 3 years been SAS representative in Single European Sky workgroup under the EU-commission. More than 25 years of experience holding different board positions and joined CardLab board in 2009, became the Chairman in 2010 and took over the CEO position in July 2013.

Main Day 2

Friday, February 28th, 2020

11:15 AM Your Fingerprint card is the Key to your secure physical and digital life

Biometric cards are now introduced for multiple purposes. Identification has become easy, reliable and secure due to the combination of biometrics cards and a backend
authentication system.
• Replacing passwords, PIN’s and CVV’s with tokenized biometric identity for convenience, identity data and Cyber-crime activity protection.
• Combining distributed biometric authentication with cloud based solutions for secure multisystem access.
• Participating in a complete enrollment process and system setup for identity protection and protection against Cyber-attacks.

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