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@ end of GCA Radar Repair Course, Ft. Monmouth 1960, we went to see the set & an L-19 in action. Knowing set accuracy and seeing it in PPI search mode @ airport, it occurred to me set could be used for night bombing. Landmarks in ground clutter help moving 'copter to hover over target, ordnance dropped out door on it. Absent landmarks, friendlies could mark location with commercial fireworks mortar. Torpedo level makes barrel vertical. Shell burst flings cut-up Mylar Xmas tree icicles to reflect. Grease-pencil that on scope and measure from that make drop from hover. My duty station, 60th Avn Co, Stuttgart Intnl Airport, had no GCI radar set! I replace civilian running post Ed Cntr & library, amassed 4000+ paperbacks, got readership from Nellingen & Kelly Barracks and invented method of rebinding failed paperbacks that would not fail again. It was something to do. Still wonder about dropping things from hover by radar guidance at night. Anyone ever try it?

Author: Anonymous (not verified)
Posted: 05/23/2016
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