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Does anyone out there know about this company which has developed a revolutionary product that could change everything pertaining to the protection of our troops as just a starter? Here is a small excerpt from there website. Please get people in the know on board to this, as it will save lives immediately. Bourque Industries, Inc. ("Bourque") is pleased to announce that the live-fire demonstration of its new Kryron ballistics helmet was a complete success-no penetration when shot with an AK-47 from approximately 10 ft. John Bourque, who conducted the test, indicated that to the best of his knowledge this was the first successful test where a helmet was struck by a rifle bullet and had no penetration. The helmet is a proof of concept prototype and further improvements are already planned that the Company anticipates will lead to a production model. TUCSON, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Bourque Industries, Inc. (OTC:BORK.ob - News) today announced that standardized, controlled tests designed to verify the battle-worthiness and superior ballistic protection capability of its metal super alloy, Kryron, were successfully conducted May 5. Specifically, Bourque’s Kryron Terminator personal ballistic armor line demonstrated best-in-the-industry ballistic protection and exceptional multi-impact capability, stopping several large-caliber, high-speed rounds at exceptionally short ranges. All of this was achieved with weight savings over the current industry-standard personal protection armor plates. Bourque also successfully demonstrated proof-of-concept for industry-leading, multi-impact and lightweight armor protection for land-based US military tactical vehicles and US military helicopters. "What these tests demonstrate is what we’ve known for a long time," said John M. Bourque, inventor of Kryron and founder of Bourque Industries. "Kryron is the best ballistic armor material on the market today, and the clear choice for next-generation armor solutions for air, land, and sea." About Bourque and Kryron Bourque Industries is a publicly-traded company (OTC:BORK.ob - News) based in Tucson, Ariz. Bourque is the exclusive distributor of all Kryron-based technologies. Kryron is a state-of-the-art proprietary aluminum alloy and the optimal material for ballistic armor plates. Compared to industry-standard personal protection ceramic plates, Kryron Terminator armor is lighter, far more durable, and completely eliminates shatter, spall, and ricochet.

Author: cellor
Posted: 05/23/2016
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