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Dan Craytor

Chief Architect of the Microsoft Department of Defense sales district delivering products and enterprise solutions to DoD customers. Dan creates the vision and technical strategy enhancing Microsoft products, DoD solutions and long term investments in a complex and dynamic network environment. Integrating with government customers, partner executives and technologists to understand policy and develop solutions for current and future challenges.

Before joining Microsoft in November 2003, Dan served as the Director of Services for EWA Services—a medium sized, global corporation where he led teams of engineers and developers, managed DoD contracts, a commercial business and technical training center.

Dan gains his military experience from twenty-one years of service as an Army aviator and Test Officer in R&D for tactical communication systems and information technology, Dan’s tours include US, Germany, Korea and Iraq.

Dan holds a Masters of Business Administration in Management Information Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix.

Free time is usually spent with family, but when there is time for hobbies, Dan enjoys charity work, golf, biking, skiing, fly fishing and just about anything outside.