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Fred Stein
Fred is a retired Colonel of the United States Army, and joined the MITRE Corporation in April 1998. He is currently MITRE's senior principal engineer for network-centric warfare. His position and location at Ft. Hood, Texas, within the Central Technical and Support Facility provide him the opportunity to interface directly with the Army as it digitizes its force and moves toward Future Combat Systems. He currently supports the Army G8, Office of Force Transformation and Electronic Systems Command. Among Fred's accomplishments is the book, "Network Centric Warfare", which he co-authored with two colleagues, David Alberts and John Garstka. As technology continues to evolve, Fred Stein remains on the cutting edge of his profession.

He continues to seek out innovative ideas and concepts as they apply to supporting Commanders and Staffs. He serves as a member of the Swedish National Advisory Board on Network Based Defense, an advisor to the Department of Defense Office of Force Transformation, and an assistant professor of information warfare/network-centric warfare at the Army War College. He is a recipient of the Arthur K. Cebrowski Award.