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John M. Doyle, a former editor and reporter at Aviation Week & Space Technology and The Associated Press, is a Washington-based aviation, defense and homeland security writer. His work appears in Aviation Week, Defense Technology International, Seapower, Smithsonian Air & Space, Special Operations Technology and Unmanned Systems. He blogs about unconventional warfare and where it intersects with counter terrorism and technology at t He can be reached at

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The pent up demand for commercial unmanned aircraft in the United States is still waiting for federal regulators to ease rules banning most UAS from operating in the national airspace. However, progress is being made. John M. Doyle reports....Full Article »
Tags: Drones|UAS|FAA
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is responsible for protecting Americans from terrorism, transnational organized crime and natural disasters, but new threats continue to spring up. At the recent Homeland Security Week, leading experts discussed how to face these new threats in a cost-effective manner....Full Article »
Adm. William McRaven, head of U.S. Special Operations Command has been telling audiences that as threats are rising globally – but defense funding is dwindling – SOF is going to have to partner with foreign allies, NATO forces and other agencies within the U.S. government like the State Department to accomplish its missions....Full Article »
The Boston Marathon bombing and the revelation of far reaching domestic spying programs by the U.S. government – two seemingly unrelated events this year – underscore nagging problems in protecting the homeland. John M. Doyle, correspondent for IDGA investigates......Full Article »
For more than 60 years, the U.S. military has been using, developing and improving ways for troops to see in the dark or near dark starting with rudimentary, rifle-mounted infrared sniper scopes in the closing days of World War II. Now there are night-vision goggles, helmets and weapons sights that allow troops to see in the dark and operate 24...Full Article »
The uproar over the National Security Agency's wide-ranging cell phone and Internet surveillance has revived a national debate about the necessity of intelligence gathering and what the federal government does with what it learns. Actionable intelligence is simply that: information gleaned from a range of sources that enables decision makers...Full Article »
For several months now, newspapers and Internet news sites have carried similar versions of the same headline: Is a new Cold War growing in cyberspace between the United States and China? It certainly appears so, judging by the recurring reports of U.S. businesses, banks, news organizations and government contractors having their computer...Full Article »
There's more to geography than maps or the statistics on population and exports that are found in almanacs. In an era of low intensity conflicts and asymmetric warfare, grassroots diplomacy and cultural sensitivity can be as important as attack helicopters, night vision goggles and satellite imagery. Read on......Full Article »
Abstract: In the days since the March 5 death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, security analysts have speculated on whether regime change will have any effect on transnational narcotics cartels operating in that Latin American country. Read on......Full Article »
When the commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, Adm. Robert (Bob) Papp, gives his third annual State of the Coast Guard Address on Feb. 27, rising demands on the service's over stretched resources amid increasing fiscal pressure are likely to be among the key topics. Read on......Full Article »
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