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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and their state partners are performing 3.5 million interdictions of commercial motor vehicles annually. How will these regular interdictions deter against those who might be a threat to our security? William Quade, Associate Administrator for Enforcement and Program Delivery shares best...Full Article »
NAS JAX is one of the Navy’s fastest growing installations. In the context of rapid expansion, how is their Command increasing energy conservation efforts? IDGA’s @Defense Insider recently spoke with Captain Roy Undersander, Executive Officer, Naval Air Station Jacksonville about the challenges of maintaining buildings and facilities...Full Article »
What are the greatest threats facing the Big Bend Sector at the US-Mexico border? IDGA’s @DefenseInsider recently spoke with Mr. John Smietana, Chief Patrol Agent, Big Bend Sector, US Border Patrol to find out how the US Border Patrol along the Southwest border is equipping itself with the strategies necessary to mitigate the threats of...Full Article »
How is the US Army going to achieve 1 gigawatt of renewable energy by 2025? What is the role of the private sector in achieving this goal? IDGA’s Defense Insider recently sat down with the Honorable Katherine Hammack to find out about the $7 billion investment being made in renewable energy. Ms Hammack also discusses the energy conservation...Full Article »
What are the keys to capacity building with partner nations in the campaign for drug interdiction? How many metric tons of cocaine are interdicted at the southwest border and in transit zones each year? Commander Harry Schmidt, Chief, Drug and Migrant Division, US Coast Guard explains how a layered approach to drug interdiction at the source,...Full Article »
How can you partner with local businesses to detect drug trafficking? What does best practice for drug interdiction look like at the local level? Major George Steffen, Pinellas County Sherriff’s Office and co-author Drug Interdiction: Partnerships, Legal Principles, and Investigative Methodologies for Law Enforcement joins IDGA’s...Full Article »
The National Drug Control Strategy requires the US Coast Guard to interdict 40% of cocaine trafficked to the US through the maritime domain. How will the US Coast Guard meet this target in the context of an aging fleet and budget uncertainties? Jonathan Bachman, US Government Accountability Office joins the Defense Insider in this IDGA exclusive...Full Article »
Currently the US Army is using $1.4 billion of electricity each year and it is now calling on developers to deliver large scale renewable energy sources. Alan King, US Army Energy Initiatives Task Force joins the Defense Insider to discuss how the US Army Energy Initiatives Task Force (EITF) is raising the bar to increase the successful execution...Full Article »
How is the military planning to remove equipment from theatre after 10 years? What new technologies and equipment can industry provide to help FORSCOM G-4 fulfill its mission? Kevin Bostick, Chief, Equipping Readiness Division at FORSCOM G-4 answers these questions and more in this exclusive IDGA podcast. Find out about the latest plans to RESET...Full Article »
How can you reduce the amount of time it takes to get a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract? How can you be sure that you’re marketing your products effectively to get the most out of your contract? Bruce Osborne joins the IDGA podcast series to discuss these issues and more. He also outlines the top three pitfalls to avoid when trying to...Full Article »
29 results
of 3