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Ms. Melanie DiAntoniois the Command Lead for Air Force Smart Operations For the 21st Century (AFSO21) for Air Combat Command, United States Air Force located at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia. The Command operates more than 1,200 aircraft, 27 Wings, 17 bases and more than 200 operating locations worldwide with 105,000 active-duty and civilian personnel. Ms. DiAntonio provides strategic guidance and command leadership focused on the continuous improvement of mission effectiveness to organize, train, equip and maintain combat-ready forces for rapid deployment and employment while ensuring strategic air defense forces are ready to meet the challenges of peacetime air sovereignty and wartime defense

Budgets across the board are growing tighter – especially within the Department of Defense. With this comes great scrutiny. Melanie DiAntonio, Chief ACC/AFS021, US Air Force, explains how the Air Force are being good ‘stewards’ of the taxpayer’s money. This interview explores the challenges of CPI within Defense in the...Full Article »