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Michael Hopkins

Michael Hopkins is an IC designer with 13 years of military and commercial design experience.  He is also the founder of CurrentRF, a California based Design Engineering Services Company, founded in 2002. 

Through CurrentRF, Michael developed the RFDAC methodology and low phase noise clock circuits for communication systems, and recently developed the Light Engine Energy Harvesting technique for portable electronic devices. 

Preceding this, Michael developed one of the first 1GSPS Nyquist Rate DACs at Analog Devices, developed the HDAC4, a 400 MSPS GaAs DAC for military communications satellites at Northrop Grumman,  and a 65um CMOS Current Feedback LNA for Solarflare Communications.

Rechargeable and non-rechargable batteries are currently used as power sources for portable warfighter devices such as field radios, night vision devices, weapon sights, GPS units, etc. In terms of battery capacity, average warfighter electronics consume power equivalent to that of 88 AA batteries over the course of an average 5 day mission...Full Article »