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Carl Thompson

CPT Carl Thompson entered basic training at Ft Knox, KY on 1 March 1990 and graduated on 20 June of 1990 as a 19K.  His first assignment was HHC 2-68th Armor Battalion in Baumholder, Germany.  Following this tour he completed PLDC, Airborne School and SFAS (Special Forces Assesment and Selection).  He entered OCS in February of 2002 and graduated June 21 of 2002.  After graduation, he reported to Ft Bragg, NC in October of 2002 and was assigned to 35th Signal Brigade (Airborne) as a platoon leader to D Co 327th. 

In September of 2003 he was sent to Iraq as a replacement platoon leader for A Co 51st Signal Battalion.  During the summer of 2005 he trained with 19th Special Forces Group of the West Virginia National Guard in preparation for an upcoming deployment to Iraq.  The unit mobilized in October of 2005.  In March of 2006 he reported to Camp Shelby, MS to train for an Afghanistan ETT mission.  In May of 2006 he arrived in Afghanistan and was assigned to multiple positions training the ANA while there.  Upon returning from Afghanistan in May of 2007, CPT Thompson took a COIN instructor position at Ft Dix, NJ.  He then went on to take company command of 290th MP Company while they were training in Texas.  The 290th guarded refugees and detainees in Iraq from February until October of 2008.

In April of 2009 he again reported to Camp Shelby, MS to prepare for a deployment to Afghanistan with the 48th IBCT out of the Georgia National Guard.  After arriving in Afghanistan in June of 2009 and he was assigned to duties in the Allahsay Valley of Kapisa Province and S3 duties with 108th Cavalry Squadron.  CPT Thompson has been awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart and ARCOM-V.

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