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Zygmond Turski

Zygmond Turski’s professional career spans over 35 years, mostly devoted to the defense industry. Specializing in the fields of RF/Microwave and Electro-Optics, he headed advance technologies at the Amecom Division of Litton Industries, and later at Loral Corporation as a VP. More recently, he was Director of Communications and Networking at the Sarnoff Corporation. Currently he is president of Synergetix LLC working on the next generation of GaN devices/applications and consulting to the defense industry. Concurrently, he is director of the defense program at OEI Inc. where he uses his vast experience putting together and overseeing a leading-edge engineering training curriculum.

Zygmond holds degrees in Electrical Engineering, has published over twenty technical papers and has over twenty patents, issued and pending. He is a Sr. Life Member of IEEE and a Member of AOC. He can be reached at or by phone at 636 273 9608.

In the current dangerous world where the ‘unconventional’ becomes the norm, ever more emphasis is being placed on technology to assist in meeting the security challenges of today and tomorrow. The traditional ‘trench warfare’ morphs today in to engagements involving Information Operations (IO); Electronic Warfare (EW...Full Article »