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Hannah Hager

As the Online Content Manager at IDGA, I develop a strategy for the creation and promotion of dynamic, original online content featuring industry thought-leaders. Content includes infographics, e-books, interviews, podcasts and custom articles.

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Colonel Edward P. Horvath, U.S. Army Medical Reserve Board, is Board Certified in internal medicine and preventive medicine for 40 years. He is a graduate of Ohio State University and completed his postgraduate training and internship residency at the University of Wisconsin. He joined the Navy in the 1970s before joining corporate America working...Full Article »
Jon Greuel was trained as a pilot and flew AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) for 20 years. During his 2008-09 deployment to Kirkuk, Iraq, as a Combat Air Advisor, where he taught Iraqis how to fly, he completed the yoga and combat stress study during his off-duty hours....Full Article »
Gerald "Jerry" Fraser is the Division Chief Optical Technology at National Institute of Standards and Technology. He was trained as a physical chemist, but has since left the lab bench to manage a division of outstanding scientists and engineers developing the science and associated technical standards to enable high accuracy measurement of...Full Article »
The illegal exportation of weapons, ammo, technology and people from the U.S. is discussed in this interview with John Woods, Assistant Director at U.S. Immigration...Full Article »
Mexican drug cartels are creative. They’re creative with laundering their money across our physical borders and they’re creative with money laundering in cyber currency. Sylvia Longmire is a former Intelligence Analyst and USAF Special Agent. She is also the owner of Longmire Consulting and has extensive experience dealing with cartels...Full Article »
In this interview, Lt. Col. Patrick King, Assistant Director of Operations, Electronic Warfare, United States Air Force shares his tips for achieving necessary cyber defense tactics between joint and coalition networks as well as his best practices for establishing the security of a tactical network....Full Article »
Do you what it feels like to have a mental link with someone? How about what it means when Mission Command references the necessary mental link between commanders? How is this mental link developed and maintained? And, why is it important?...Full Article »
The U.S. military, intelligence services, FBI and numerous other organizations exist to protect national security in America. Countless budget dollars every year are poured into this endeavor and it is the one thing that is truly a non-partisan issue in Washington. Politicians may at times disagree about the approach, but all Americans agree on...Full Article »
Daniel Chapple is the Supervisory Cyber Counterintelligence Specialist at the Department of Health and Human Services. In this interview he discusses the biggest cybersecurity threat to the government today and risk management best practices....Full Article »
Creating a Smart Grid Ecosystem is Michael Pesin’s expertise. Michael is the Chief Technology Advisor and Smart Grid Architect at Seattle City Light. In this interview he talks about the implementation of the company’s smart grid – the challenges, both operational and economical that arose – and how they are being mitigated....Full Article »
14 results
of 2