Who's on the Radar at the Summit in 2013?

IDGA Editor

New York, NY – October 2012 – The global Military Radar market has been expected to be worth US$6.7 Billion in 2012 and expected to attain US$8.6 Billion by 2022. Radar has been one of the most important elements of military equipment for over 60 years now, from initially being used purely as an air-defense tool, to now being used in a range of tasks from urban operations to ballistic missile defense. Topics such as compressive sensing, cognitive radar or ground based radar have been revolutionizing the radar community.

In order to bring to light these matters of technology advancement in the radar realm, IDGA’S 6th Annual Military Radar Summit will bring together all relevant stakeholders and professionals from the Air Force, Army Research Laboratory, DARPA and industry partners such as Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, to exchange and share best practices and explore potential paths to fortifying the United States’ radar systems.

The summit’s distinguished Keynote speaker, Dr. Reggie Brothers, will deliver the awaited briefing onacquisition priorities: Ground Based Radar – What are the Most Important Programs for Radar and How to Keep Track – An OSD Perspective. Russell Wright, Program Director, Long Range Radar Joint Program Office, DHSwill cover How are DHS Radar Requirements Similar and Different from DoD Military Radar Needs?Plus, David J. Buck, Product Manager, Radar Systems, PM MC-3, US Marine Corps will be discussing Sustainment Challenges for In-Service Marine Corps Radars.

Additionally, other speakers include Dr. Eli Brookner, Principal Engineering Fellow, Raytheonand Bruce Wallace, Fellow IEEE, DARPA Strategic Technology Office (STO).

For more information on attending the IDGA’S 6th Annual Military Radar Summit, taking place February 25-27, 2013 in the Washington D.C. area, and to see a full list of subject matter, please visit: http://www.militaryradarsummit.com/ or contact Maria Guillen at maria.guillen@idga.org

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