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CAPT Prentiss, Sir, I am CDR Milton J. Singleton, a Reserve officer assigned to NATO ACT HQ, Norfolk, VA. Tried to find yoru email address on, but you probably have a CENCOM email extension. ACT HQ sponsors a NATO maritime course at a Hellenic Navy facility in Souda Bay, the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Center (NMIOTC). Myself and 3-4 other USN instructors along with the Greeks teach a 2 week course to NATO, Partner for Peace, Med Dialoug and other partner country maritime officers on NATO maritime ops and comms, allowing them to better integrate with a NATO maritime group (one of the SNMGs). I read your briefing online from the April 2009 Offshore Patrol Vessel & Naval Security conference. Great brief, I would really love to present it as is, with your name on the front page, to the 2010 NATO course at NMIOTC. My address is I would greatly appreciate your sending me your powerpoint presentation from the conference if possible. Thank you Sir, appreciate your time. V/R, CDR Milt Singleton, NR NATO ACT HQ UNIT PH: (212) 763-5647

Author: milton.singleton
Posted: 05/23/2016
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