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Brigadier General Fuller, Lt.Col Authur Pasagian, and Sean Pasagian, >For the last two years I have attended six military or law enforcement shows (AUSA, Modern Day Marine, SWAT International etc.) My product the Nutty Buddy is designed for comfort (lower extremity armor protection) as well as the utmost in protection. >We are working with LTC out of Wichita, KS to do a level 3A cup, we did a level 2A and it held up well. The cup was shot with a 9mm with the projectile traveling at 1250 fps. It held up well, indentation was 28cm using LTC's range, not NIJ which will be coming next. I understand that on bullet proof vest that 44cm is the limit for a level 3A test, I feel this will be no problem. >The question ??? Usage of the bullet proof vest has the rib cage to help protect the internal organs, the Nutty Buddy cup has the pelvic bone to absorb the blow and still protect the gonads with even 35cm of penetration. With only soft tissue behind the cup I am assuming that anything under 44cm and anything that qualifies to be a level 3A would be worthy in the battlefield. No, it does not protect the femoral artery, this has been brought up but for comfort 72 hrs. 24/7 this will give some protection (also psycological) from shrapnel and fragmentation that targets this area. The soldiers were funny, they said they would rather have this than their helmet. >To get the scope of this picture we have come up with a patented pair of compression shorts that will hold up your gonads and hold them in place as well. Once again, in the field 72hrs 24/7 the comfort must be there for the protection. This cup won an IDSA award (industrial Design Society of America) in 2006 I test my own products, see what I mean. I will be testing this one live as well. Thank you for your time. Mark Littell - inventor 602.818.8133

Author: mslittell
Posted: 05/23/2016
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