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Writer's Guidelines

IDGA, Connecting you with the world

Thank you for your interest in IDGA. IDGA provides military training, research, and networking for the military and defense industry professionals from all over the world. Whether you are an operator in the field, making decisions in Washington, a think-tank thought leader, or part of the defense industry supply chain, IDGA offers you the opportunity to connect, collaborate and communicate with the global defense community.

Who is involved in the IDGA community?

IDGA offers you access to key industry players, thought leaders, global innovators, and military end users. Our dedicated advisory board will ensure you are up-to-date with all the latest industry trends, business developments and the changing defense landscape. Utilizing close ties with industry research and event production firm IQPC, IDGA offers its members an unrivalled level of information from the defense industry.

Our members visit the IDGA community daily to comment on news stories, download content, discuss industry topics and interact with each other from all points of the globe. We are looking for thought leaders who can bring salient issues to the fore.

So, how can I get my message across?

If you have a burning industry issue, hot topic or industry development you wish to talk about, then IDGA will provide you with the ideal platform to engage with your peers, share your insights and expertise.

Through a range of media options, IDGA provides you with the opportunity to position yourself, share your opinions and collaborate with the defense community. If you are interested in writing an article, blog or wish to submit a white paper, contact the editor at Michael.O'

Want to submit an article?

IDGA is currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts, if selected for publication your article will be seen by an expanding network of professionals and featured in our newsletters which go out to an extensive database of defense industry professionals.

  • Articles are usually 400-1,000 words. There is no set requirement for tone; however we are not looking for articles that directly promote the author's products or services. Please read through some of the published articles to get an idea of the types of pieces we publish.
  • Try to avoid complex formatting in the article. Charts, graphs, and photos should be submitted as separate documents.
  • When submitting an article, please include a brief bio and a high resolution photo.
  • Articles should be sent as a Microsoft Word document with the author's name, e-mail address, and phone number on every page. Articles without this information will not be considered for publication.

Please submit articles electronically to .

If you would like to mail your entry, send it to:Michael.O'

IQPC Online
535 5th Ave, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10017

Due to the volume of articles we receive, we cannot return articles. Please keep a copy of your article for your records. IDGA reserves the right to make any and all editorial changes it deems necessary. These include changes in length, as well as editing to make the piece searchable on the Web. IDGA does not pay its authors for content.

If an article is chosen for publication IDGA will own the rights for the piece. Submission does not guarantee publication.

We look forward to hearing from you.