IDGA Announces Software Radio Communications Summit 2011

IDGA Editor

New York, NY—October 20, 2010—The Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA) announces its ninth annual Software Radio Communications Summit scheduled February 7-9 in the Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner in Vienna, VA.

IDGA’s Software Radio Communications Summit (SDR) will present sessions on cognitive radio technologies, DHS Insight, FPGA, Software Radio in Europe, Software Communications Architecture (SCA) and an exclusive warfighter panel providing in-theatre performance feedback.

"Over the years, SDR has become the leading event for senior-level defense software radio professionals," said Monica McKenzie, the event’s producer. "This year, we’re introducing a warfighter panel recently returned from theatre. They will provide feedback on the latest software radio technology. This feedback will be invaluable to those in attendance. We try to do something new every year, while keeping the same quality and standards people have come to expect."

Specific summit topics that will be covered at SDR include:

  • Spectrum "management" and utilization
  • The next generation of SDRs: Cognitive Radios and Networks
  • Advancements in joint Services and Allied forces interoperability
  • SDR performance in theater
  • New Software Communications Architecture standards from JTRS
  • DHS Perspective
  • FDR Advances
  • C4ISR OTM Focus
  • Waveform Developments

The SDR speaker roster includes:

  • Mr. Henry Muller, SES, Director, CERDEC - S&TCD
  • Mr. Michael Eixenberger, Deputy Director, LandWarNet/Battle Command, HQDA DCS G3/5/7
  • Dr. Larry Stotts, Deputy Director, STO, DARPA
  • Dr. Vasu Chakravarthy, Senior Research Engineer, AFRL/Sensors Directorate
  • Mr. Byron Barker, Chief, Strategic Planning Division, Office of Spectrum Management, NTIA
  • Mr. Stuart Timerman, Director, Army Spectrum Management Office
  • An entire speaker list can be found on the Software Radio Communications Summit Website

For more information on speaking, exhibiting or attending at SDR please visit or contact Erin Gilbert at

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