Cyber Security for Oil & Gas: New and Growing Industry for Cyber Security Vendors

IDGA Editor

New York, NY (June 6, 2013)- Following a series of sophisticated malware attacks that left typically prepared and secure companies within the Oil & Gas industry appearing unprepared and vulnerable, the entire industry now finds itself scrambling to make the necessary upgrades to prepare for this unfamiliar and evolving threat.

Oil & Gas IQ’s new event, Cyber Security for Oil & Gas taking place September 16-18, 2013 in Houston, TX will create a platform for these executives to go back to school and learn from experts in cyber security about best practices for identifying intrusions, technologies available to address their specific challenges, and strategies for staying ahead of the curve of this growing threat.

Cyber Security for Oil & Gas will feature a speaking panel of experts in cyber security to educate an audience of CIOs, CTOs, and IT Security Directors from some of the leaders in the Oil & Gas industry such as ExxonMobil, Shell, and Chevron, and more.

With the Oil & Gas industry typically being a very hard market to enter due to their existing relationships with their preferred suppliers, the urgency of this threat they had not previously had to account for offers a unique opportunity for experts in the industry to position their company as a beneficiary as these companies seek partners. The summit offers various levels of sponsorship opportunities for experts in cyber security to gain access to this audience.

For those interested in available sponsorship opportunities, you can download the Cyber Security for Oil & Gas Sponsorship Prospectus at Alternatively, you can contact Matthew Gordon at 212-885-2661 or with questions or to request information.