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ANYONE EVER HEARD OF THESE? --First noticed over 250 years ago, the Hermann Phenomenon is the fact that a proficient civilian rifle shooter, put in the military and thrust into live-fire, will average 1.5 shots per hit/kill. This performance record true in flintlocks through smokeless powder. --Davis's Rule of 10 (a corollary): A proficient civilian rifle-shooter will hit things 10-times further away, or 1/10 as big, as can an Army- or military-trained person. (Unaffected by age, sex, or body habitus.) --Firepower is Muzzle Statistics (a measure of noise intimidation. The only real-world yardstick is Target Statistics. Based on the above, what are the consequences?

Author: Anonymous (not verified)
Posted: 05/23/2016
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