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Watch military videos and global defence seminars and presentations on Defence IQ. Each Military video and defence seminar features insights and often, case studies from defence professionals with strong industry experience. Explore and start watching today! 
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Industry Testifies: What's the value in our Special Operations Summit?

Watch our highlight reel from the Special Operations Summit. Talking with industry sponsors who give their feedback on the value of the event.... View now

Tags: Special Operations | Unconventional Warfare

Special Operations Command, Control, Communications and Computers

Deborah Woods, Deputy PEO-C4, U.S. Special Operations Command presents 'Special Operations Command, Control,... View now

Tags: Special Operations | USSOCOM

The Economic Line of Operations in COIN and Stability Operations

Dr. Andrew Erdmann, Partner, McKinsey & Company Inc. presents 'The Economic Line of Operations in COIN and Stability... View now

Tags: COIN | Special Operations

SOCAFRICA and the future of Special Forces: IDGA exclusive with Colonel Richard Samuels

Without good security, good governance and economic prosperity are difficult to achieve. In this IDGA exclusive interview, Colonel... View now

Tags: Colonel Richard Samuels | AFRICOM | SOCAFRICA | Spec Ops

COL Sharon Hamilton on Human Terrain Systems (HTS)

Colonel Sharon Hamilton, Director, Human Terrain System TRADOC examines the value of Human Terrain Systems (HTS) to the U.S military. In an... View now

Tags: Colonel Sharon Hamilton | HTS | Human Terrain Systems | TRADOC

Spatial Network’s CEO, Anthony Quartararo on Geospatial Intelligence within Special Operations

How is Geospatial Intelligence or ‘GEOINT’ actively applied within the military to give forces an upper hand? In an exclusive interview with... View now

Tags: Spatial Operations | Special Operations

IDGA’s Special Operations Summit 2011: IDGA exclusive with Director Nick Petti & Mike Glover

IDGA's Director of the Special Operations Summit, Nick Petti, explores the research process, the current landscape and the main drivers of... View now

Tags: Special Operations | IDGA

15 results
of 2