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Watch military videos and global defence seminars and presentations on Defence IQ. Each Military video and defence seminar features insights and often, case studies from defence professionals with strong industry experience. Explore and start watching today! 

Terrorism and insurgency continue to challenge our national and global security, but at the same time, the organizations fighting these threats... View now

Tags: IBM i2 | Chicago HIDTA | Intelligence Solutions

Inside the Biometrics Cylab at Carnegie Mellon University

Featuring Marios Savvides, Director of the Biometric Cylab at Carnegie Mellon University. This interview examines the current and future... View now

Tags: Biometrics | Identity Management | CMU | Marios Savvides

Social Media for Defense and Government

The enemy is listening! IDGA takes a look at the social media strategies of both the United States military and its enemies. Learn about... View now

Tags: Social Media | Video | Defense | Government

The Enemy is Listening...he wants to know what you know...

Social media has been widely used in the military and government departments for recruitment purposes, counter media, information operations,... View now

Tags: Social Media | social media for defense | facebook | twitter

What are the Key Debates for the UK Armed Forces following the Coalition Government's Strategic Defence & Security Review (SDSR)?

The results of the UK Government’s (SDSR) will have an impact on the armed forces of the United Kingdom for years to come.

For the... View now

Tags: Strategic Defence & Security Review | UK SDSR | UK Government SDSR | UK Armed Forces