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Homeland Security Week
eBook that provides information regarding the latest innovations in homeland security, including sections on directed energy, biometrics, and cyber security 
Biometrics for Government
The FY 2017 Budget funds critical Border Patrol and Office of Field Operations staffing, equipment, and technology investments that enhance the capabilities of front-line officers and agents. The Budget includes funding requests for the following key investments. View the experience here >> 
A look at the US’s Busiest Ports, Airports and Highest Theft Areas
This infographic was developed for the Cargo Security Summit. It features some of the busiest ports and airports for cargo shipments in the US. It also highlights the top states that reported the most cargo theft incidents in 2011.
Tags: cargo security | Maritime Security | US Ports
CBP Border Busts, Stats and Facts
Recently the Obama Administration’s decision to close nine CBP stations across four states in order to ‘reassign agents to high-priority areas closer to the border’ has people talking about whether or not this will make the U.S. more vulnerable to criminal activity. Though the task goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this document Read more
Tags: USMC | Customs and Border Protection | Border Security
Counter Narco-Terrorism and Drug Interdiction: An Infographic
In February 2012 the Department of State pledged $4.2 million to support regional cooperation of counter narcotics agencies in Central Asia. Just last year President Obama pledged $200 million to tackle drug trafficking in Central America. Countering the illicit drug trade that funds terrorist activity is a key priority for the US. This Learn more
Tags: Counter Narco-Terrorism | Drug Interdiction | Drug Trafficking | Afghanistan | Colombia | Peru | Mexico
Less-Lethal Weapons, the Occupy Movement and Beyond: An Infographic
With the vast spread of the Occupy Movement, it has become clear that law enforcement will require adequate less-lethal weapons and complete training to enable officers to effectively carry out crowd control and maintain order.. We’ve examined the reach of the Occupy Movement in the US and identified top examples of the deployment of Learn more
Tags: less-lethal weapons | non-lethal weapons | NLW | Occupy movement | Flexible Baton Rounds | TASER
[Infographic] Where Biometrics Meets the Border
Before 9/11, biometric technologies had been used for identification for centuries. This infographic illustrates just a short history of how biometrics and various other border security measures have been used as a tool for identification and protection.
Tags: Biometrics | Border Security | Identity Management
Special Operations Combatant Commands: Core Issues Infographic
This dynamic infographic features a breakdown of core issues for each Special Operations combatant command, the main industry issues as chosen by your colleagues and Special Operations Summit West sessions catering to these topics.
Tags: Special Operations | Spec Ops | COCOM | Irregular Warfare
IDGA's Top 20 - What you read in 2011...
A Defense industry eBook containing 20 of the most popular articles published on in 2011. Viewed by over 40,000 members, these articles cover a wide range of military and defense topics: healthcare, border security, electronic warfare, armor, vehicles, piracy and more...
Tags: Top Content | electronic warfare | Military Vehicles | armor | Piracy
Accelerating the Deployment of the Evolved Cyber Range
Organizations worldwide face a dangerous shortage of cyber warriors with the skills required to defend against cyber terrorism. This urgent situation is made worse by the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that continue to pervade critical IT infrastructures—despite billions of dollars invested in cybersecurity measures. Answering these problems Read more
Tags: Cyber Security | cyber warriors
11 results
of 2