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Today, innovative facial recognition technology techniques make it possible to generate investigative leads regardless of image quality. Part science and part art, these techniques offer your agency the opportunity to cut through the frustration and generate higher-quality leads to protect the communities you serve more effectively. Courtesy of Read more
The defense and national security environment has changed dramatically in recent years. While the government agencies involved in defense and in national security remain the key national lines of defense, the threats that these agencies face are now more sophisticated. Enemy actors are utilizing up-to-the-minute technologies, capable of Read more
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Journey to Your Cloud: Taking Your Organization From Reactive to Innovative
Cloud empowers IT to redefine the way services are produced and delivered for the business. The goal isn't to merely become a more efficient, reliable and agile IT organization - although cloud certainly delivers that. Rather, the goal is to operate in a fundamentally different way - more flexible and responsive to business needs.
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The Five Must-Haves of Big Data Storage
Is your agency struggling to keep up with unprecedented data growth? If so, you’re not alone. Due to its technical and logistical challenges, an effective storage system for big data is more than just a bigger traditional storage system. In fact, the organizations that have become the most effective at harnessing the power of big data Learn more
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