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Watch military videos and global defence seminars and presentations on Defence IQ. Each Military video and defence seminar features insights and often, case studies from defence professionals with strong industry experience. Explore and start watching today! 

Every day, around the world, a massive amount of data—2.5 quintillion bytes—is created. Buried inside this avalanche data is vital intelligence... View now

Tags: Big Data | Intelligence | Fraud Detection

Exhibiting at the Homeland Security EXPO 2013 - CSPEED is an innovative product development and engineering services company. Watch as Dave... View now

Tags: CSPEED | Homeland Security

CYVIZ has a control center solution on cutting edge displays. Watch this video for a virtual tour with Mark Sincevich, Federal Director, as he... View now

Tags: Homeland Security | CYVIZ

Watch Elbit Systems of America at the Homeland Security EXPO 2013. Gordon Kesting explains the role of Elbit Systems with regards to America's... View now

Tags: Homeland Security | Elbit Systems | Border Security

Michael Shanks of LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) explains how their technology works to assist law enforcement communicate with civilians.... View now

Tags: LRAD | Border Security | Homeland Security

Multi-Voice Radio is a wireless communication system that is more advanced than two-way radios. Filmed live at the Homeland Security EXPO 2013,... View now

Tags: Multi-Voice Radio | Homeland Security | Border Security

Gamification - What It Is, What It Does

Put simply, gamification is the use of game mechanics in a non-game context to engage users and solve problems. It can be used in virtually any... View now

Tags: Gamification | Corporate Learning Network