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September 19, 2013 by IDGA Editorial Staff
IDGA Editorial Staff
Is your agency struggling to keep up with unprecedented data growth? If so, you’re not alone. Due to its technical and logistical challenges, an effective storage system for big data is more than just a bigger traditional storage system. In fact, the organizations that have become the most effective at harnessing the power of big data Read more
Tags: DLT Solutions | Red Hat | Big Data
July 2, 2013 by Robert Coen

How do GWACs assist government agencies and streamline IT processes - what's the benefit here?

GWACs (Government wide Acquisition Contracts) are task or delivery order contracts operated only by Office of Management and Budget designated Executive Agents pursuant to section 5112(e) of the Clinger-Coen Act of 1996. Currently, only 3 agencies Read more
Tags: IT Legacy Modernization | Robert Coen | NITAAC
May 31, 2013 by Chris Folk

As you’re thinking about making investments in your IT security, you ought to be thinking about it in terms of what your adversary is doing while he’s in your network. Chris Folk, Division Director, National Protection, at The MITRE Corporation examines the effect of changing cyber policy, gives advice for those updating their IT security Read more
Tags: Network Security | Cyber Security | MITRE Corporation | Chris Folk
May 16, 2013 by Adam Meyers

Adam Meyers, Director of Intelligence at CrowdStrike believes the ‘Shamoon’ cyber attack was a ‘wake up call’ for the O&G industry, especially due to the lack of sophistication of the code. This interview examines the key learnings from Cyber threats like Shamoon, including ‘Anchor Panda’, ‘Clever Kitten’, and explores CrowdStrike’s Active Read more
Tags: Cyber Security | Network Security | CrowdStrike | Adam Meyers
May 15, 2013 by Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien
In an exclusive interview with, Bill Edgar, Managing Director of IHS’Aerospace and Maritime Group, outlined his company’s work in the military space and addressed the challenges facing the Pentagon and the contractor industry. Here is a condensed version of the full podcast interview.
Tags: IHS | Department of Defense | Pentagon
March 5, 2013 by Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien
He may just be a U.S. Serviceman’s best friend. Robotics company Boston Dynamics has released a video of the robot BigDog picking up and hurling cinderblocks in an amazing show of strength. The video shows the beast using great balance to pick up the blocks in its jaws, before bending its neck and throwing the weights more than 17ft Read more
Tags: Military Antennas West | Boston Dynamics | Tactical Vehicles | Military Vehicles
February 27, 2013 by Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien
A version of Stuxnet, the cyberweapon allegedly used by the U.S. and Israel to thwart Iran’s nuclear program, has been uncovered by researchers at U.S.-based computer security firm Symantec.
Tags: Cyberwarfare | Cyberweapon | North Korea | U.S. Navy
February 22, 2013 by Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien
Data scientists are now the most highly sought after job for the military as the services struggle to keep up with information collected by unmanned vehicles and its sensors. Reggie Brothers, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research, said the military is pouring resources into PED, or processing, exploitation, and dissemination.
Tags: Big Data | Data Center | Chuck Hagel | U.S. Air Force | President Obama
February 19, 2013 by Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien
A secretive Chinese military unit has been accused of being behind a series of hacking attacks on companies in the U.S. U.S. computer security company Mandiant said in a startling report on Tuesday that it believes a unit called Unit 61398, which is based in Shanghai, had carried out "sustained" attacks on various industries.
Tags: Cyber Security | Network Defense | Data Center
127 results
of 13