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Ensuring the resilience of the U.S Electrical Grid

As we've learned from past disruptions, the North American power grid faces great risk of being rattled by adverse events. This whitepaper, courtesy of the Lexington Institute, details the three main categories of investment for utility companies as they work to update and replace existing infrastructure. Learn more

U.S. Army Robotics and Autonomous Systems Strategy Update

LTC (R) Matt Dooley, Former Chief, Lethality and Robotics Branch U.S. Army, presented on the Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC) and US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) strategies for robotics and autonomous systems in this past presentation. The strategies include: The (RAS) concept development path and why it is needed, what we must do to modernize and the required activities (SIDRA). Learn more

Terrorism and the Electric Power Delivery System

Committee on Enhancing the Robustness and Resilience of Future Electrical Transmission and Distribution in the United States to Terrorist Attack | Board on Energy and Environmental Systems | Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences Learn more

2016 Military Radar Magazine -

We have put together some of the most thought provoking articles and interviews about Military Radar all in one place. including; Experts Weighing in on Cognitive Radar, Interview with Dr. Joseph R. Guerci, IEEE Fellow and Chairman of the summit including a personal letter from him, Prioritizing Critical Radar Initiatives Article and more! Enjoy this years Military Radar Summit Magazine. Learn more

Tags: Military | radar
Roy Olsson Interview

"[At the Military Radar Summit] I will be speaking on adaptive and reusable digital hardware to bring down the NRE costs of radar systems." Learn more

Tags: Roy | Olsson

This presentation provided by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) includes the TRADOC pamphlet for science and technology, and army operating concept. Also the army network campaign plan, what industry can provide, what the requirements are for the army and smart devices on the battlefield. Learn more

Tags: Future | Network | Army
Joining Networks: Joint and Coalition Tactics in Cyber Warfare

In this interview, Lt. Col. Patrick King, Assistant Director of Operations, Electronic Warfare, United States Air Force shares his tips for achieving necessary cyber defense tactics between joint and coalition networks as well as his best practices for establishing the security of a tactical network. Learn more

Tags: Cyber | Warfare
Training Beyond the Uniform

In this exclusive interview with Combat & Casualty, MG Richard Thomas Commander (Outgoing) Western Regional Medical Command, Director (Incoming) Health Care Operations, Defense Health Agency talks about the primary advances to address the needs of combat casualties. In addition, MG Thomas discusses the challenges regarding lessons learned on today’s asymmetric battlefields Learn more

The defense and national security environment has changed dramatically in recent years. While the government agencies involved in defense and in national security remain the key national lines of defense, the threats that these agencies face are now more sophisticated. Enemy actors are utilizing up-to-the-minute technologies, capable of operating across multiple jurisdictions and theaters, experts at obfuscating purpose and intent and practiced in using high-quality techniques to achieve... Learn more

Journey to Your Cloud: Taking Your Organization From Reactive to Innovative

Cloud empowers IT to redefine the way services are produced and delivered for the business. The goal isn't to merely become a more efficient, reliable and agile IT organization - although cloud certainly delivers that. Rather, the goal is to operate in a fundamentally different way - more flexible and responsive to business needs. Learn more

115 whitepaper results
of 11