Unconventional Warfare

Find the latest information about unconventional warfare, including the use of terrorist attacks, unmanned systems, cyber attacks and any other warfare outside of the conventional battlefield.

Mapping the Earth's Trouble Spots and the People Who Live There

Contributor: John M. Doyle
Posted: 4/18/2013

Mapping the Earth's Trouble Spots and the People Who Live There - John M. Doyle

There's more to geography than maps or the statistics on population and exports that are found in almanacs. In an era of low intensity conflicts and asymmetric warfare, grassroots diplomacy and cultural sensitivity can be as important as attack helicopters, night vision goggles and satellite imagery. Read on... Full Article »


Industry Testifies: What's the value in our Special Operations Summit?

Contributor: IDGA Editorial Staff
Posted: 2/13/2013

Industry Testifies: What's the value in our Special Operations Summit? - IDGA Editorial Staff

Watch our highlight reel from the Special Operations Summit. Talking with industry sponsors who give their feedback on the value of the event. Watch now... Full Video »


Platform Survivability of EW Systems

Contributor: Chris Archer
Posted: 1/21/2013

Platform Survivability of EW Systems - Chris Archer

Tom McDermott, Director of Research at the Georgia Tech Research Institute explores the latest technological developments within the realm of Electronic Warfare. Mr McDermott speaks to the advancements in platform survivability as well as emerging initiatives in synthesizing operations and platforms. Listen Up! Full Podcast »


Adams Inudstries Air Ground Warrior Battery Pack for Aviation: Night Vision Goggles Deployed in Ground Opperations

Operators from the U. S. Army Special Forces and others have been conducting multiple recon and surveillance operations as well as direct action missions and engaging targets utilizing Army aviation night vision systems such as the AN/AVS-6 (or AN/PVS-23s) and ancillary hardware, helmet mounts and battery packs. These ANVIS systems represent the best of the best in terms of optical performance of any night vision system available however they are designed for air operations and may sacrifice ruggedness and durability in conducting ground operations. Full Whitepaper »


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