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My father is a WWII Army Veteran. He was in from 44 and 45. I was moving dad into an assisted care facility and found along with his miltiary stuff three pennies and a 22 shell connected with a wire ring. Can you tell me the signifigance of this? I do not know what unit he was with.

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Author: Joe Wray: Add as a Colleague
Posted: 06/07/2010  8:20:43 PM EDT
Tags: three pennies and a 22 shell | three pennies | 22 shell

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View ProfileScoutsOut: Add as a ColleagueAdd as a Colleague
06/26/2010 11:14:51 AM EDT

It sounds more like a home made calibration tool for the Head Space and Timing, for a 30 Cal, or 50 Cal machine gun. If my memory serves me well. My Viet Nam tool was a nickle and a dime for a M2 50Cal.
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View ProfileWaschenko: Add as a ColleagueAdd as a Colleague
06/09/2010 11:02:54 AM EDT

During WWII, hundreds of soldiers were stuck in trenches and foxholes. To pass the time and to get information, the soldiers came up with brilliantly simple methods of constructing radios that worked without batteries. These radios, called foxhole radios because of where they were used, were made out of little more than a few pieces of wire and bits of metal. It sounds like the pennies and coils of wire along witht the 22 shell were possibly pieces of your Dad's fox hole radio..... should of had an earpiece/earphone too.....

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