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Defense Insider Podcast Series

Defense Insider

The Defense Insider brings you an exclusive series of Military audio interviews. Whether Air, Land, or Sea, The Defense Insider aims speaks with all levels of military and government to educate you on the latest topics concerning the US. View All

Current Podcast

BLH Safety Solutions Revolutionizing Safety Standards: BLH Safety Solutions is the world leader in tailor-made and innovative safety solutions for mining, engineering, construction and other heavy duty industries. With unprecedented global safety certifications, their life-saving products decrease the risk of injury to employees. This live audio interview with Founder, Shane Gill gives a thorough and highly detailed look into how their products can be applied and custom built in various work environments. 'Think Safe, Be Safe' - listen now! Listen now
Tags:   BLH Safety Solutions | BLH Group
10/31/2013  12:00:00 AM EDT

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Tip of the Spear Podcast Series

Tip of the Spear

Looking for the latest audio from the military and defense industry? Listen to experts ranging from the Pentagon to the field discuss the hottest military related topics. Learn more today. View All

Current Podcast

Training Iraqi Navy "very challenging & difficult" according to USN LT: Current efforts to train and hand over maritime control to the Iraqi navy are proving "very challenging and difficult," according to LT Marc Lawson, USN. LT Lawson explores this and other issues such as the future for the Navy's patrol craft fleet, the Navy coastal patrol mission in the Arabian Gulf and solutions to issues facing the Navy's current PC Fleet. Listen now
Tags:   Navy | Patrol Craft | Navy PC Fleet
07/03/2012  12:00:00 AM EDT

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On Point Podcast Series

On Point

Looking for Military Comms audio files and related podcasts? Listen to various Military Comms podcasts on our website. Learn more today.  View All

Current Podcast

Podcast: Energy Efficiency Part 1: Learn how your organization can cut data center energy consumption by 40 to 50%. Join Steve Sams, IBM vice president and resident expert on energy efficiency and green technologies as he discusses the building blocks to addressing energy efficiency challenges in data centers. From consumption diagnostics, to design and build, to server and storage virtualization, find out how the right building blocks can help your organization capitalize with energy efficiency. Listen now
Tags:   Energy Efficiency
05/02/2013  12:00:00 AM EDT

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